FebruMary at MHC

Celebrating Mary Lyon's birthday all month long

Young Alumnae/Senior Class Challenge

Mary knows that recent graduates (and soon-to-be graduates!) are facing many different challenges and pressures as they make their way from the gates of Mount Holyoke to new jobs, new homes, and new family circumstances.  While we all want to give back, the reality is that sometimes it is hard to give as much as we want, and we sometimes feel the gifts we are able to make do not have much impact.

Mary wants everyone to know that any gift of ANY SIZE is HUGELY important to the future of Mount Holyoke.  To help boost the impact of YA gifts, Mary would like to issue this challenge:

The young alumnae class (1999-2014) that receives the largest number of donations within a predetermined 24-hour period will receive an additional $1,837 for their class’s annual gift. 

Any gift made within your class’s 24-hour span will count (so those of you who have already given to The Mount Holyoke Fund are welcome to make another gift to help your class in this challenge).

You can check the Calendar of Events for a list of events for the month, but your class’s challenge day will correspond with your class year–Feb. 1 for 2001, Feb. 2 for 2002…  Feb. 14 for 2014. (The class of ’99 will be on Feb. 15 in honor of their 15th reunion, and 2000 will be on Feb. 16.)

Additionally, any young alumnae Cornerstone-level gift made during FebruMary will be matched!


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