FebruMary at MHC

Celebrating Mary Lyon's birthday all month long

Fun with Mary

We all know that Mary Lyon was an amazing woman, but now, leading into her 217th birthday, she wants to show us all her playful side!  As part of FebruMary, we have a number of ways to interact with Mary, from contests to coloring activities, to events like “Take Mary to Work.” Below is a list of ongoing events and activities.

Trivia Tuesdays:

How much do you know about Mary Lyon?  Every Tuesday, we will be posting a new trivia question about our founder.  You can submit your answer via email or comment on any of our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). A winner will be randomly selected from all of the correct responses.  We will also have a final trivia question on February 28, Mary’s birthday.  #FebruMary #TriviaTuesday

Where’s Mary?

We think that after spending so much time on campus, we know it pretty well… that said, Mary can be pretty tricky when she puts her mind to it!  Every Tuesday, we will post a photograph of Mary somewhere on campus, and you get to guess the location.  A winner will be randomly selected from all of the correct responses.  We will also have a final “Where’s Mary” on February 28 in honor of Mary’s birthday. #FebruMary #WhereIsMary

Take Mary to Work Wednesdays:

Mary’s mission was to prepare Mount Holyoke women to do anything they put their mind to, and we know that generations of alumnae have gone out and accomplished great things.  We think this is a great opportunity to show Mary all the great things you do on an average day.  We encourage you to print out a picture of Mary and take her with you on Wednesdays — let us know what the two of you are up to!  Whether you are running board meetings, teaching, conducting experiments, or taking care of your home and family, your time at Mount Holyoke made a big impact of your life — we want to see the what our fellow alumnae are doing.  #FebruMary #MaryAtWork

Where in the World Is Mary?

We know that Mary’s mission was to educate women from around the world.  Now, more than ever, our alumnae come from, and travel to, exciting places all around the globe, and each alumna takes a little bit of Mary along.   We want to see a current snapshot of where our alumnae are, across the country and across the world.  Please print out the photo of Mary and take a picture with her at your favorite places! #FebruMary #MaryGoesGlobal


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