FebruMary at MHC

Celebrating Mary Lyon's birthday all month long

Reunion Fun with 2004!

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Class of 2004 with Mary Lyon

The class of 2004 is celebrating their 10th reunion with Mary

Mary with 2004

Mary Loves a photo booth!

Mary and 2004

Mary and the class of 2004 are total BFFs!

Mary with 2004

Happy Reunion 2004!

Mary with 2004

Why so serious? Its a party with Mary!

2004 alum and family pose with Mary

Mount Holyoke pride runs in the family!

Mary at reunion

Nothing says MHC pride like a sassy hat! Happy Reunion!


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Wedding Bells part 2

Mary would like to share some wonderful photos sent to her from Marge Anderson ’85 and her wife Janet Sperstad, who celebrated their legal marriage at Abbey Chapel after 17 years together.

Marge and Janet remind us to never fear / change, and these photos show how much fun Mount Holyoke alumnae (especially members of the Class of 1985) have with each other!


Mary, Janet Sperstad  and Marge Anderson '85  with never fear / change sign

Mary, Janet Sperstad and Marge Anderson ’85 never fear / change!


Mary and 1985 alums

Cynthia Reed McReynolds, Marge Anderson, Mary Lyon, Abi Leaf, and Betsy Powell (all class of 1985) celebrate Marge’s wedding.


Cynthia Reed McReynolds kissing Mary

Cynthia Reed McReynolds ’85 expresses her undying devotion to Mary Lyon


Mary and Marge Anderson '85's wedding party

Mary Lyon joins Marge Anderson ’85’s wedding party in Abbey Chapel

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Color-Me-Mary Winners

All FebruMary we have been having a color-in Mary contest for students on campus.  We are pleased to announce that our experts have picked a winner!  Congratulations to Carson Shook ’14:

Winning Color-Me-Mary

Here is our winning Mary – Congratulations to Carson Shook ’14!


We also have a runner up, Hannah Galloway ’17:

Runner up Mary

Congratulations to Hannah Galloway ’17, our runner up!


Here are some of the other beautiful Mary Lyons submitted this month:

Color-Me-Mary 1 Color-Me-Mary 2 Color-Me-Mary 3 Color-Me-Mary 4 Color-Me-Mary 5 Color-Me-Mary 6 Color-Me-Mary 7 Color-Me-Mary 8 Color-Me-Mary 9 Color-Me-Mary 10 Color-Me-Mary 11 Color-Me-Mary 12 Color-Me-Mary 13 Color-Me-Mary 14 Color-Me-Mary 5 Color-Me-Mary 16 Color-Me-Mary 17 Color-Me-Mary 18 Color-Me-Mary 19 Color-Me-Mary 20

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Mary on social media

Thank you all for sharing your wonderful stories and bringing Mary with you on your many adventures. It is so wonderful to see where all of our alumnae have traveled, and what they are doing with their Mount Holyoke education. We have compiled a brief glimpse of Mary’s adventures with you through FebruMary and wanted to share them with you.

Please continue to take Mary with you as we finish the last 8 days of FebruMary!

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FebruMary is coming…

After 175 years of changing the lives of women from all around the globe, we think it is time to celebrate Mary Lyon like never before.  For her 217th birthday, we think that Mary deserves not just one day of celebrations, but an entire month!

The month of February is now dedicated to Mary Lyon, and we have a lot planned for her:

  • Special Events — launching FebruMary, local celebratory events, and a big birthday party
  • Young Alumnae and FP challenges  — to help make sure Mary Lyon can continue the mission she started over 175 years ago
  • Contests to test your Mary Lyon trivia, your familiarity with the campus, and your coloring skills
  • Where in the World Is Mary” photo campaign to see where our alumnae are across the globe
  • Take Mary to Work” days, where we can see you (and Mary) in action!