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FINAL FebruMary Trivia Question!


Congratulations to Carolyn Dorais ’68 , our fourth trivia winner.  It is time for the FINAL  FebruMary Trivia question!  You have until Monday evening to get in your answer to be eligible for the last awesome MHC prize!

The final Trivia Tuesday question is:

How much money did Mary Lyon need to raise to open the Mount Holyoke Seminary?

Good luck!


4 thoughts on “FINAL FebruMary Trivia Question!

  1. Mary Lyon needed to raise $1,000 to open the Mount Holyoke Seminary.

    Happy Birthday, Mary!

  2. Mary Lyon had to raise at least $30,000 dollars to found the seminary with South Hadley pledging $8,000; according to an 1835 circular addressed to the Christian public on the subject. (Fact found in “History of Mount Holyoke Seminary During Its First Half Century, 1837-1887” by Sarah D. (Locke) Stow, class of 1859, for those who are curious.)

    Happy Birthday Mary!

  3. Did a check in my biography database. The answer is $15,000:

    On Oct. 7, 1836, she wrote: “I have indeed lived to see the time when a body of gentlemen have ventured to lay the corner stone of an edifice which will cost about $15,000, and will be an institution for the education of females. Surely the Lord hath remembered our low estate. This will be an era in female education.”

    “Mary Lyon.” Dictionary of American Biography. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1936. Biography in Context. Web. 28 Feb. 2014.

  4. Happy Birthday, Mary!

    She raised $12,000 to open Mount Holyoke Seminary in 1837.

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