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FebruMary Fact of the Day – Feb. 25

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Did you know that  student organizations have always been an important part of Mount Holyoke?

“Mary Lyon also set up student organizations on the principle… that the students had a free choice of whether to join, but the purpose and organizational scheme were controlled from above.  Of these, the most indicative of Miss Lyon’s belief in the future of the Seminary was the Memorandum Society, which was an alumnae association.  It was launched on March 10 with a detailed constitution drawn up by two seniors, Abigail Moor and Sarah Brigham; Miss Lyon was president.  Members paid $2 for lifetime dues and promised to send information about themselves at least once in three years.  The Society would send catalogs annually and issue an up-to-date directory of members once every five years (Green, 1979, p. 188).


FebruMary facts come from the book Mary Lyon and Mount Holyoke, Opening the Gates, by Elizabeth Alden Green.

Green, E. A. (1979). Mary Lyon and Mount Holyoke: Opening the gates. Hanover, N.H: University Press of New England.


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