FebruMary at MHC

Celebrating Mary Lyon's birthday all month long

FebruMary Fact of the Day – Feb. 22

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Did you know that classes at Mount Holyoke were arranged so that two or three major subjects were pursued intensively for each “series” of six to ten weeks, and extras — including a weekly composition, calisthenics, and vocal music — continued throughout the year.  It is not surprising that most students seemed to enjoy their academic work, even though learning was by rote, as it was throughout higher education then (Green, 1979, p. 184).


FebruMary facts come from the book Mary Lyon and Mount Holyoke, Opening the Gates, by Elizabeth Alden Green.

Green, E. A. (1979). Mary Lyon and Mount Holyoke: Opening the gates. Hanover, N.H: University Press of New England.


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