FebruMary at MHC

Celebrating Mary Lyon's birthday all month long

FebruMary Fact of the Day – Feb. 21

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The answer to this weeks trivia questions:  To keep costs well below those in the best existing seminaries, the necessary domestic work would be divided among the students.

Mary wrote on November 27, “My present cares are almost overwhelming,”  she had been arranging and supervising the washing, ironing, sweeping, baking, and dishwashing crews.  She also gave special attention to making bread.  Because the first batches were disappointing, she took her correspondence and account books to the baking room, where she spent several hours almost every day in order to discover by observation and experiment the operating secrets of the brand new Rumford oven from Deacon Safford.  Within a few weeks she and her dedicated baking circles had achieved the excellent bread that was henceforth one of the hallmarks of the Seminary (Green, 1979, p.175).

Mary putting her brilliant scientific mind to good use!

FebruMary facts come from the book Mary Lyon and Mount Holyoke, Opening the Gates, by Elizabeth Alden Green.

Green, E. A. (1979). Mary Lyon and Mount Holyoke: Opening the gates. Hanover, N.H: University Press of New England.


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