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FebruMary Fact of the Day – Feb. 18

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Did you know that students were charged separately for the firewood they used?

Students at Mount Holyoke  were in charge of distributing, recording, and collecting firewood, which was charged separately.  There was a daily check-off, when each student came with her woodbasket, and at the end of quarter the total sticks of wood each student had burned was multiplied by an agreed-upon rate in dollars and charged to the student.  …During 1837-38 the total number of sticks burned was 28,777, and at 208 to the dollar, $140 was collected” (Green, 1979, p. 178).

Isn’t it nice that we no longer get charged per stick of firewood?  (Or that we don’t have to worry about firewood at all?)

FebruMary facts come from the book Mary Lyon and Mount Holyoke, Opening the Gates, by Elizabeth Alden Green.

Green, E. A. (1979). Mary Lyon and Mount Holyoke: Opening the gates. Hanover, N.H: University Press of New England.


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