FebruMary at MHC

Celebrating Mary Lyon's birthday all month long

Take Mary to Work Wednesday!

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Today is again the day where we encourage you to print out a picture of Mary and take her with you  today, and then take a photo and  let us know what the two of you are up to!

Audrey Markarian ’07 brought Mary with her to Applewood (a member of The Loomis Communities), where she serves as the Dining Room Supervisor.

Audrey Markarian '07 and Mary at Applewood

Audrey Markarian ’07 and her two MHC superheroes –  Mary and Bernarda Erwin ’43.

While Audrey was busy working, Mary decided to go off and visit some other special alumnae who live at Applewood.  They are: JoAnne W. Walker ’52Joan Ciruti (Spanish  Professor Emeritus), Bernarda S. Erwin ’43, Felicia P. Barber ’58Gale S. McClung ’45, Virginia L. Senders ’44,  and  Nancy F. Esty ’56.

Applewood Alumnae

Alumnae give Mary a tour of Applewood


We also were sent a wonderful photo from  Trish Palmiere ’93.   Trish says “I took Mary out to my job site at the Longfellow Bridge in Boston today and even gave her a stylish hard hat to boot.  I’m one of the Project Managers for the Longfellow Bridge Rehabilitation project – a multi-year renovation of this historic bridge.  I work specifically on the masonry restoration part of the project and very soon those towers you see will be removed for various repairs!” 

Trish Palmiere '93 and Mary on Longfellow Bridge in Boston

Trish Palmiere ’93 and Mary on Longfellow Bridge in Boston

Thanks for that amazing perspective Trish!

You can share your photos with Mary via social media (post it to your Instagram or Facebook profile using the hashtag #FebruMary #MaryAtWork) or you can send them to Beckie Markarian (rjmarkar@mtholyoke.edu) and she will post it for you.

Check out Mary’s Instagram to see Mary visiting alumnae work.


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