FebruMary at MHC

Celebrating Mary Lyon's birthday all month long

Take Mary to Work Wednesday!

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Today is the day to print our your very own Mary Lyon and take her to work with you!

We encourage you to print out a picture of Mary and take her with you  today, and then take a photo and  let us know what the two of you are up to!  Whether you are running board meetings, teaching, conducting experiments, volunteering, or taking care of your home and family, take Mary with you!

You can share your photos with Mary via social media (post it to your Instagram or Facebook profile using the hashtag #FebruMary #MaryAtWork) or you can send it to Beckie Markarian (rjmarkar@mtholyoke.edu) and she will post it for you.

Check out Mary’s Instagram to see Mary visiting alumnae work.  Here is a wonderful photo of Mary visiting Julie Rodecker ’80, president of the DeRoy Testamentary Foundation!

Mary at work with Julie Rodecker '80

Julie Rodecker ’80 brought Mary to see her office. Julie is I’m president of the DeRoy Testamentary Foundation.


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