FebruMary at MHC

Celebrating Mary Lyon's birthday all month long

FebruMary is coming…

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After 175 years of changing the lives of women from all around the globe, we think it is time to celebrate Mary Lyon like never before.  For her 217th birthday, we think that Mary deserves not just one day of celebrations, but an entire month!

The month of February is now dedicated to Mary Lyon, and we have a lot planned for her:

  • Special Events — launching FebruMary, local celebratory events, and a big birthday party
  • Young Alumnae and FP challenges  — to help make sure Mary Lyon can continue the mission she started over 175 years ago
  • Contests to test your Mary Lyon trivia, your familiarity with the campus, and your coloring skills
  • Where in the World Is Mary” photo campaign to see where our alumnae are across the globe
  • Take Mary to Work” days, where we can see you (and Mary) in action!



One thought on “FebruMary is coming…

  1. We need a recipe for Deacon Porter’s Hat!

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